Don’t Declaw

IMG_2558Cats Haven believes that the declawing of cats is unnecessary and cruel to the animal. We have had many residents in our care who suffered both physical and emotional trauma resulting from full or partial declawing. We understand that this can be a divisive and emotional issue, but we have seen the oftentimes devastating results of what owners thought were good intentions. Declawing is not healthy or safe for any cat. The declawing procedure is not simple and is very invasive. In many cases, the act of declawing a cat can actually cause behavioral changes and prolonged pain for the animal.

Many people cite the desire to keep their home and its furnishings in good shape or to minimize the potential physical damage to children or other pets as reasons for having their cat declawed. There are many other ways to minimize damage and the potential for harm, such as providing scratching posts, trimming your cat’s claws regularly, and training them to avoid scratching furniture. Removing a cats claws for the sole purpose of keeping your home in a certain condition shows a greater concern for material commodities than for the well-being of your feline companion. While many individuals who have their cats declawed confine the pet to indoors, the act of declawing steals away a cat’s natural defenses. Should your pet get out or find itself in need of defending itself against another animal, their lack of claws will negatively impact their chances of staying safe.

Cats Haven strongly believes in allowing cats to exercise their natural scratching behavior and providing training, toys, and scratching posts for their benefit. Prior to adopting any cat from Cats Haven, individuals are required to sign a non-declawing agreement.