IMG_2540Volunteers have always been an integral part of the success of Cats Haven.  On any given day, we have multiple individuals and groups that come in and help out in a variety of ways.

Cleaning is always our top daily priority, but there are many different opportunities to help out. Yard work, gardening, grooming and socializing with the cats are just a few of the other tasks that are constantly needing to be done at Cats Haven. We are also very interested in new ideas for volunteer projects

We welcome anyone (10 years and older please) who wants to come and visit during normal business hours. Cats Haven has an open-door policy at the shelter house, so no appointment is necessary to visit us. If you have a group that would like to come and do a service project, please let our office know at least a week in advance so that arrangements can be made to have tasks and staff available.



We are currently having problems with our online form.  In the meantime, please send an email with the information listed below to catshavenltd@sbcglobal.net

Please take a few minutes to read the Cats Haven Ltd. Volunteer Guide

All volunteers must sign the Release Form.  Please print and bring with you to the shelter.


Volunteers are the heart of Cats Havens’ past, present and future. We thank you so much for taking the time to consider spending time some special time with the kitties. Cats Haven is a very unique environment and our top priority is always to provide all of the cats in our care with kindness and love.


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