Re-Homing Your Cat

IMG_2475Cats Haven does not accept cats from the public because we work with other organizations and rescue groups so that we may provide care for those animals who are most needy. Giving up a pet is hard for the owner, but being abandoned can actually result in the pet dying from loneliness or “a broken heart.” We encourage everyone to find ways to keep their pets by searching out low-cost spay/neuter clinics, pet food pantries for food and medicines, and to exhaust all possibilities by reaching out to family and friends.

Cats Haven fully understands that there are many situations in life that cause change and cause us to reevaluate our choices. Pets, unlike material possessions, are not commodities that should simply be discarded when they are inconvenient. Being a responsible pet owner means acknowledging that it won’t always be easy.


Below are some links to resources regarding rehoming your cat. Some of the information also addresses possible solutions to issues that may be making you consider rehoming.

Cats Haven is not affiliated with any of these resources. Cats Haven also does not endorse any of these sites but simply offers them as possible informative resources.