IMG_2417For as little as $5 per month, an individual, family, or company can sponsor one of the cats at Cats Haven. All of the funds donated are applied toward the care of that specific cat as needed. Medical bills, specialty foods and medicines are just some of the expenditures that a sponsorship helps to cover.

Sponsorship is the perfect way to adopt a cat while not having to take it home. We provide our sponsors with a picture of their sponsored cat and encourage the sponsor to come and visit whenever possible. The sponsorable cats are not readily adoptable and are our lifetime feline residents, so they will always be here for you to come see. Most of our sponsorable cats have special needs, making their care more expensive than others at Cats Haven.  All funds help to ensure that their medical needs are covered.

Sponsoring a cat at Cats Haven is an amazing way to connect with and support the sanctuary.

Please email us and someone will contact you with information about our sponsorable kitties!