We often receive phone calls or emails with questions about what we do at Cats Haven. Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions along with some topics that we find important to explain.

Is Cats Haven a shelter or sanctuary?

We often use the terms interchangeably but Cats Haven is a sanctuary. By definition, shelters house animals until adoption but Cats Haven has a few cats that are adoptable. Most of our cats are with us to live out their lives with dignity and love.  If you would like to consider adopting a “special” kitty, please contact us.

How do you get your operating funds?

Occasionally Cats Haven qualifies for private grants – but not often. No local or state governmental funds are received. Cats Haven is extremely fortunate to have existed through private and business donations for over 29 years. Every donation and contribution is very important – no matter what amount.

How do cats end up at Cats Haven?

We do not accept cats from the public because Cats Haven works closely with Indianapolis Animal Services, the Humane Society, FACE and other facilities in and around central Indiana. Cats that are not adoptable,  or scheduled for euthanasia due to disabilities or age commonly come to Cats Haven through these facilities. We simply do not have the space or resources to accept all of the cats offered to us through the public.  If we could we would take all cats in need of help but we are very restricted by space and expenses.

If you won’t take my cat or a cat that I found, what do I do?

Please check out our Other Organizations page for links to contact with questions or concerns about your cat. We sincerely encourage people to find a way to keep their pets or find family and friends to assist them.  We encourage the public to look for alternative living situations for their cats as early as possible to last minute extreme solutions can be avoided.

Do you have to have an appointment to stop by or visit?

No! Cats Haven has an open door policy during regular business hours. The cats are always happy to have people come and visit – even if you just want to stop in and pet some kitties.  We do ask that anyone under the age of 16 be accompanied by an adult or guardian.

Can groups come and visit or volunteer?

Yes! All we ask is that you please contact us and let us know ahead of time. A few weeks notice is greatly appreciated so that we can make sure that staff is available.

What is your position on declawing?

Cats Haven opposes the practice of declawing cats. We require anyone adopting any of our cats to enter an agreement that no declawing shall take place. Refer to our Why Not to Declaw page.

What kinds of disabilities do the cats have?

We have had or currently have cats with the following issues: blind, one eyed, hearing impaired, cerebellar hypoplasia, renal issues, hemophelia, respiratory problems, kidney problems, only one kidney, urinary problems, crippled, three legged, arthritis, abuse, dermatological issues, brain damage, advanced age, behavioral issues.

Since you are a free roaming facility do you ever use cages?

When a cat is first brought to Cats Haven, they are quarantined in a cage for a short period of time. Some cats prefer to spend most of their time in a cage but with the door open. Also, if a cat has a medical issue a cage will be used to keep the animal safe until cleared.  Otherwise, most cats can choose where they “hang out”.

How are all of your cats medically cared for?

All cats are fully vetted and spayed or neutered upon arrival. We work closely with 4 area veterinarians/clinics            where our cats can be taken to on short notice. All cats are closely monitored by staff.