What we do

erik 2015Cats Haven is the oldest no-kill cat sanctuary in Central Indiana and provides an open atmosphere for primarily special needs cats – most with physical challenges. Many of our cats are seniors that have outlived their owners and been abandoned by family members or were no longer wanted by their owners. Some of our cats are adoptable but most will live out their lives in our care.

Barb Wills started Cats Haven over 30 years ago. Realizing that there was basically nowhere for many cats to go due to their physical challenges, age and other problems, Barb began the mostly cage-free environment that is now Cats Haven. The two-story Victorian house is a home-like setting that allows most cats the ability to roam the house.

We do not take cats from the public but instead work closely with animal shelters, rescues, and clinics in and around central Indiana to provide a place for those cats which are unadoptable or scheduled for euthanasia that we feel we can care for.  Cats are accepted or declined based upon the assessment of each situation by the veterinarians who work with Cats Haven and the caretaker.

An extensive health assessment and history of each cat is made prior to acceptance to the main facility or foster and hospice homes. All vaccinations and necessary medical treatment is administered prior to integration with the general population at Cats Haven.  All cats are closely monitored for changes in health. Intravenous fluids and other necessary medical treatments that can be administered on-site are given by the caretaker.   Local veterinarians and clinics are used for medical procedures and emergency situations.

A comfortable, safe and healthy environment for all of the cats is paramount. Many cats require individual attention while a few feral cats choose to remain outside the facility.

Cats Haven houses 95 cats on average. About 30 cats are fostered in homes and about 50 are in hospice homes. Multiple registered feral colonies are overseen and supplied by Cats Haven. In total, an average of 300 cats are cared for by Cats Haven.

Cats Haven can always use volunteers and donations. Please view our Volunteer Guide to see how volunteers can help at Cats Haven.

Cats Haven has always had an open door policy where no appointment is needed to stop in and visit during business hours. Monetary donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated in order to continue to provide a haven for our much loved kitties.

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