Fun Facts About Cats Haven

We have proudly passed our 30th anniversary of Cats Haven in Indianapolis a few years ago.  Here are some of the interesting facts about the shelter and the people who make it all possible.

Barb Wills has been the sole caretaker and founder of Cats Haven.

Cats Haven was incorporated in 2001.

The lots to the north and the south of the shelter house are owned by Cats Haven and there are no mortgages.

The shelter house was built in 1890.

About 700 pounds of clumping litter is used in one week in the shelter house.  Litter is also provided for hospice and foster homes.

Around 300 pounds of Purina dry food is used at the shelter in one week.  Additional special diet dry foods are also given.

65 cans of Friskies 13 ounce canned food is given to the cats per week.  About 3 cases of special diet or other brands of canned foods are also used.

The shelter house is named Lady Ophelia.

There are about 32 large litter boxes in use at the shelter.

At any given time there are about 110 cats housed in the shelter house.  Including feral colonies, foster homes and hospice homes, Cats Haven has about 300 cats in its care.

In 2020 Cats Haven spent  $70,000 in vet bills alone.

Until 2012, there was no paid staff for cleaning.

The shelter was originally located on Reisner on the west side of Indianapolis.

There are approximately 5,200 sq. feet in the shelter house.  About 3,200 sq. feet are currently used.

For as little as $5 per month a cat cam be sponsored to help offset the cost of food, litter and medical expenses.

Cats Haven is the first free roaming/special needs shelter in Indiana.

The average age of the cats is about 12 years old.

There is no signage on the shelter because of zoning restrictions and privacy concerns.

For 6 years the shelter was located on Beville.  When it rained, the walls would have to be mopped.

There is a full basement located under the shelter house.

The 3rd floor is partially finished and currently used for storage.

In the 1940’s and 1950’s there was a bowling alley located on our north lot.

Barb, the director and caretaker, has not taken a vacation in 28 years.

Some of the ailments, afflictions and conditions that Cats Haven has seen in its residents are:

Blind, crippled, 1 eyed, 3 legged, paraplegic, hemophilia, cancer, kidney disease, only 1 kidney, social issues, abused, feral, elderly, heart ailments, FIV positive, toothless, respiratory problems, cerebellar hypoplasia, severe arthritis, skin problems, deaf, digestive problems, failure to thrive, incontinence, brain injury (and these don’t cover everything!)

Cats Haven has an open door policy during regular business hours.  No appointment necessary!

Although we don’t take cats from the public Cats Haven can offer suggestions on how to help re-home a pet.

Cats Haven has the best volunteers, staff, visitors, friends, donors and cats in the world!